HYLO® EYE CARE - for all forms of dry eyes

HYLO® FRESH  lubricating eye drops have a calming effect on irritated eyes and help tired eyes feel fresh again.
The benefits of HYLO® FRESH at a glance:

  • With hyaluronan and Euphrasia, the drops relieve the symptoms of irritated eyes and refresh them
  • Good tolerability, even with hard and soft contact lenses
  • High yield with more than 300 drops per pack
  • Dispensed in the practical COMOD® system
  • Can be used for up to six months after opening
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

For mild, temporary symptoms

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Bei gelegentlichen Beschwerden kann HYLO® FRESH die Augen beruhigen.

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need.
The benefits of HYLO COMOD® at a glance:

  • Optimal eye lubrication for moderate to medium-severe symptoms of dry eyes thanks to the active ingredient sodium hyaluronate (0.1%)
  • Easy to use thanks to the practical COMOD® system
  • Good tolerability of the drops with hard and soft contact lenses
  • Enormous yield of more than 300 drops
  • Can be used for up to six months after opening
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

Mild to moderate forms of dry eyes, for post-operative use

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HYLO-COMOD hilft trockenen Augen.

HYLO® GEL lubricating eye drops have been developed for the special requirements of chronically dry eyes and for particularly severe cases of dry eyes.
The benefits of HYLO® GEL at a glance:

  • Intensive and long-lasting eye lubrication due to 0.2% hyaluronan for severe and sustained symptoms of dry eyes
  • Supports the regeneration of the surface of the eye after operations
  • Prescription-free yet can be prescribed in cases of damage to the lacrimal gland, various autoimmune diseases, inability to close the eyelids completely (lagophthalmos) and facial nerve paralysis.
  • No impairment of vision
  • High yield of at least 300 drops
  • Simple to dispense thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

Severe forms of dry eyes, for post-operative use, prescription drug in accordance with Annex V of the German Pharmaceuticals Directive

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VitA POS® eye ointment is the night time care for dry, stressed eyes and is particularly well-suited for all those who suffer in the morning from incrustations and residue on the eyelid margin.
What is special about VitA POS® eye ointment:

  • Intensive care and regeneration for dry, irritated eyes
  • Prevents the eyelids sticking together during sleep and protects the surface of the eye
  • Used overnight (more on the use of eye ointments)
  • With vitamin A
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

For use with all stages of dry eyes during the night

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Nächtliche Erholung für gestresste Augen.

HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are ideally suited to the needs of dry and stressed eyes thanks to the combination of high grade hyaluronan and dexpanthenol. Due to the extra moisture, they care for the surface of the eye and support the healing of damage to the cornea and conjunctiva as well as after operations.
HYLO CARE® eye drops:

  • Lubricate the eyes and care for stressed eyes
  • Can also easily be used with contact lenses without affecting vision
  • Are gentle on the eye because they are free from phosphates and preservatives
  • Can be easily dispensed thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Have a high yield and can be used for up to 6 months after opening

Mild to moderate forms of dry eyes as well as for supporting the healing of damage to the surface of the eye

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Moisture and care with sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol.

HYLO PARIN®  eye drops with hyaluronan and heparin provide protection and regeneration to dry, irritated eyes.
The special features of HYLO PARIN® eye drops:

  • Effective lubrication and care for irritated eyes with hyaluronan, heparin and glycerol
  • Smooth blinking when there are repeated symptoms such as burning, itching and foreign body sensation in the eye.
  • Easy to use thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Very high yield (at least 300 drops per bottle)
  • Free from phosphates and preservatives

Mild to moderate forms of dry eyes as well as chronic corneal disorders

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Befeuchtung und Regeneration durch Natriumhyaluronat.

HYLO DUAL® eye drops with hyaluronan and ectoine provide the eyes with lasting moistness and effectively protect them from irritants from the environment.
HYLO DUAL® lubricates the cornea and conjunctiva, and protects against excessive tear evaporation. The stabilization of the tear film – in particular the lipid layer – relieves eye irritation, which is associated with inflammatory symptoms, or which is caused by allergies. The burning and itchy feeling in the eyes disappears. Burning, itchy and watery eyes, the sensation of having sand in your eyes or dry eyes, are all symptoms of a dry and/or irritated eye. These are often an indication that the eye is not being supplied with enough moisture. Another reason can be hypersensitivity reactions to other substances (e.g. pollen, animal hair or household dust). As the symptoms of such allergies are the same as for dry eyes, it is difficult to decided if you are suffering from dry eyes or if your eyes are irritated due to the allergies.
An overview of the special properties of HYLO DUAL® eye drops:

  • Intensive lubrication for dry and irritated eyes
  • Stabilization of the lipid layer of the tear film
  • Lasting protection against renewed dryness
  • Supporting the body’s own barrier against germs, allergy-inducing substances and irritants.
  • Contain ectoine, which relieves inflammatory processes
  • Highly economical thanks to COMOD® system
  • Free from phosphates and preservatives

Mild to moderate forms of dry eyes with an unstable tear film as well as inflammatory and allergic symptoms

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