Red eyes – a clear symptom of dry eyes

Red eyes are a common symptom of a dry eye (sicca syndrome). The normally white sclera is in this case coloured red and small veins clearly stand out. The redness is often unattractive but the other accompanying symptoms of dry eyes such as burning and itching are, however, worse. While some people only suffer from dry, red eyes in certain situations such as having been in a draught, after a night of partying or wearing contact lenses, others are constantly affected without any recognisable cause.


Dryness of the eyes is not the only reason for red eyes as other causes can lead to irritation and reddening of the eyes. Some causes, such as an eyelash in the eye, are harmless while others, such as an injury, require immediate treatment by a doctor. Therefore, it is important to establish the exact cause for the red eyes.

How do red eyes happen?

When the tear film breaks up and the eye becomes too dry, the surface of the eye is irritated. The nerves of the visual organ detect this malfunction and the eyes react with increased blood circulation, among other things. The fine blood vessels, which permeate the eye like a close-knit network, expand. The small veins become visible – this leads to redness in the eyes.

Red eyes can only be prevented by protecting them from drying out and by avoiding irritants such as wind or contact lenses. Lubricating eye drops such as HYLO COMOD® replenish and stabilise the tear film and prevent the eye from drying out. In this way, the formation of redness is prevented from the outset.

There are other possible causes of red eyes

Red eyes can be the result of lots of other causes. These include, for example, conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation which are triggered by pathogens such as bacteria or viruses and which must be treated quickly. Even harmless burst veins or serious injuries to the eye can cause redness.

If red eyes are accompanied by intense pain or do not improve on their own within a few days, you should definitely visit a specialist. They can determine the cause of the redness and treat the cause appropriately.

What wouldn’t we do to be beautiful?

Red eyes are often perceived as unattractive. You look tired and worn out. But you shouldn’t shrug the problem off as a mere beauty flaw and just treat it lightly. Those who regularly have problems with red eyes should consult a doctor.

Sometimes, various whiteners are recommended for removing the “red eyes” beauty flaw. These include eye drops which are tinted. But the improper use of such eye drops is controversial. However, it is important to combat the cause of the redness – for example, to improve the lacrimal lubrication of dry eyes. Anyone who needs lasting relief from dry, reddened eyes can use lubricating eye drops like HYLO® GEL . As a rule, the redness then disappears with healthy, well-lubricated eyes.

Furthermore, women can benefit from the correct make-up technique: navy blue mascara instead of black makes the white of the eye appear brighter. Also, a white or light blue eyeliner, applied on the waterline (= the lower eyelid margin), brighten up the eye. In general, you should be careful when using make-up in conjunction with irritated and dry eyes: only use products which have been tested for compatibility with your eyes. Pay attention here that cosmetic products such as mascara do not get directly into the eye.

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