What is special about HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need.

The benefits of HYLO COMOD® at a glance:

  • Optimal eye lubrication for moderate to medium-severe symptoms of dry eyes thanks to the active ingredient sodium hyaluronate (0.1%)
  • Easy to use thanks to the practical COMOD® system
  • Good tolerability of the drops with hard and soft contact lenses
  • Enormous yield of more than 300 drops
  • Can be used for up to six months after opening
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops offer effective and reliable lubrication and rehydration of dry and painful eyes. By strengthening the natural tear film, the eyes receive long-term protection against serious damage caused by drying out. Therefore, HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops are the optimal solution for dry eye symptoms.

We recommend HYLO® GEL intensive care for very severe symptoms of dry eyes.

The classic among dry eye treatments: proven many times over

HYLO COMOD® eye drops offer long-lasting and efficient help for dry eyes. The effective and outstandingly tolerable properties of the lubricating drops have proven themselves time and time again: HYLO COMOD® is the most used eye lubrication products in Germany1 and was awarded the mark of “very good” by the consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST2.2

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops are especially well-suited for moderate to medium-severe symptoms of dry eyes. Thanks to the ingredient sodium hyaluronate, the drops supply optimal lubrication to the sensitive surface of the eye, so that typical symptoms like redness, burning and foreign body sensation in the eye quickly subside.


For dry and tired eyes with a gritty sensation

If the eye is lacking lacrimal fluid, which lies over the surface of the eye like a film, it can lead to a feeling of dryness, itching or burning, rapid signs of fatigue or a scratching foreign body sensation in the eye. According to expert estimates, one in six people in Germany is affected by dry eyes.

Alongside many other factors, the reasons for this can be low air humidity, taking certain medicines and working at the computer. Because while you are concentrating your eyes on the monitor, you blink considerably less, and thereby the eye is not lubricated enough with lacrimal fluid. HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops have been developed exactly to meet the needs of dry eyes and have proven themselves for years with many afflicted people.

HYLO COMOD® is also really well-suited for wearers of contact lenses. The eye drops support the affected natural tear film by forming an even, stable film of fluid over the surface of the eye. In that way, the eye receives long-term protection from drying out – a common side effect from wearing contact lenses – and from the accompanying symptoms.


HYLO COMOD®: free from preservatives and phosphates

The effect of HYLO COMOD® is based on the ingredient sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronan, which exhibits very good tolerability. Eyesight is not impaired by the clear liquid.

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops are characterized by two special properties:

they contain neither preservatives nor phosphate buffers and therefore are safe and well tolerated since preservatives can damage the tear film and even cause allergies. On top of that, by substituting phosphate buffer with citrate buffer, the risk of deposition of calcium phosphate on the cornea and the associated significant impairment of the function of the eye are eliminated.

1INSIGHT Health 2014
2ÖKO-TEST Issue3/2011

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