What is special about HYLO PARIN® eye drops

HYLO PARIN®  eye drops with hyaluronan and heparin provide protection and regeneration to dry, irritated eyes.
The special features of HYLO PARIN® eye drops:

  • Effective lubrication and care for irritated eyes with hyaluronan, heparin and glycerol
  • Smooth blinking when there are repeated symptoms such as burning, itching and foreign body sensation in the eye.
  • Easy to use thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Very high yield (at least 300 drops per bottle)
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates

HYLO PARIN® eye drops are ideal for recurring symptoms of dry eyes. HYLO® GEL eye drops provide more intensive care and protection for very severe and permanent symptoms.

HYLO PARIN® eye drops
Eye lubrication for chronic symptoms

HYLO PARIN® eye drops were especially developed for the needs of irritated, dry eyes. With the ingredients hyaluronan, heparin and glycerol, they create the ideal conditions for long-lasting lubrication thanks to a stable tear film. In this way, HYLO PARIN® supports the efficient regeneration of chronically irritated eyes and the quick recovery of stressed tissue. Recurring symptoms of dry eyes such as redness, burning and foreign body sensation in the eye can thus be effectively relieved.


For chronic or recurring symptoms: HYLO PARIN® eye drops

When it is intact, the tear film lubricates the cornea and protects it from drying out and the intrusion of germs. If the eyes produce too little lacrimal fluid, or if this has a dysfunctional composition, the protective film of fluid can break up. If a disruption in lubrication happens often or even chronically, it can result in lasting lesions (minor damage) to the surface of the eye. This is something that diabetics, for example, can suffer from: the function of the nerves of the cornea is disrupted by the illness. The surface of the eye therefore becomes less sensitive, for example when there is a lack of lacrimal fluid. This means that the unpleasant feeling of dry eyes is often only noticed at a later stage. The illness can lead to insufficient productsion of tears and to an altered composition of the lacrimal fluid.
In order to be able to regenerate quickly, the eyes need above all one thing: a lot of moisture. HYLO PARIN® eye drops support and stabilise the natural tear film so that the cornea can regenerate quickly.

HYLO PARIN®eye drops with hyaluronan, heparin and glycerol

HYLO PARIN® eye drops were especially developed for the needs of dry and repeatedly irritated eyes. The drops contain sodium hyaluronate, a hyaluronan salt. This is also naturally present in the body: among other things, hyaluronan can be found inside the eye and serves as a lubricant in the joints. Sodium hyaluronate possesses the property of binding moisture particularly well and for a long time. It helps the eye drops to spread evenly over the surface of the eye and to adhere to it for a long time.
In addition, HYLO PARIN® eye drops also contain heparin. Just like hyaluronan, this can also bind moisture and supports the drops in adhering to the cornea. Efficient regeneration of the tissue is supported by lasting lubrication of the surface of the eye.
Glycerol works as a lubricant on the surface of the eye. It allows the eyelids to glide gently over the tear film when blinking, without causing irritation. The sensation of having a foreign body in the eye subsides.

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