Lubricating eye drops soothe dry and irritated eyes

Eye drops are used for dry, reddened, burning or itchy eyes because they have a soothing and relieving effect. They replace or stabilise the lacrimal fluid and thus protect against a feeling of dryness in the eye.

When artificial tears should be used

As a rule, there are two main reasons why our eyes feel dry: either our lacrimal glands produce insufficient amounts of fluid or the tear film does not correctly fulfil its task. In both cases, the tear film breaks up and the eye dries out.

Around ten per cent of all people in this country are more or less severely afflicted. Most of them have a constant sensation of having a foreign body in the eye, and on top of that, there is usually unpleasant burning or itching.

Lubricating eye drops restore lost fluid to the eye

The products of choice for symptoms like these is lubricating eye drops which moisten the cornea and stabilise or supplement the damaged tear film.

In order to achieve this, the preparations contain hydrating ingredients. They include among others:

  • Hyaluronan can bind several times its own weight in water. It also resembles endogenous lacrimal fluid and therefore lubricates the cornea and conjunctiva in the eye both gently and evenly. All eye drops in the HYLO® EYE CARE range contain hyaluronan in order to achieve optimal effectiveness.
  • Dexpanthenol also contributes moisture and so supports the healing process of slight damage to the surface of the eye, caused, for example, by a deficient tear film. Alongside hyaluronan, HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops also contain nurturing dexpanthenol.
  • Heparin also effectively supports the regeneration of irritated cornea and conjunctiva through its water-binding capacity, and provides a sustainable effect. Thanks to the heparin it contains, HYLO PARIN® is not only suitable for the treatment of dry eyes, but can also facilitate long-term regeneration of the surface of the eye.

Supplementary measures positively support the effects of lubricating eye drops

You can do something yourself to support the effects of eye drops, to alleviate the symptoms and to speed up the healing process. You can bear the following in mind:

  • Regularly ventilate your office and your home, too. Oxygen is good for your eyes.
  • Where possible, avoid strongly air-conditioned or heated rooms. Dry air is poison for afflicted eyes.
  • Take regular breaks when concentrating on reading or working at a monitor so that your eyes can have a rest.
  • Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise in the fresh air. You should also drink around two litres a day so that your eyes are watered from within.
  • Contact lens wearers should pay attention to conscientious cleansing and clean storage of the lenses. If possible, do not wear the lenses from dawn to dusk – they lead to an additional loss of lacrimal fluid.

If the condition of your eyes gets worse, even though you regularly use lubricating eye drops, it is advisable to visit a doctor. There is potentially another eye disease present which requires immediate treatment.

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