Eye ointments in cases of dry eyes

People who suffer from dry eyes complain about the following symptoms, among other things: itching, burning or a foreign body sensation in the eye. The trigger for these symptoms can either be reduced tear productsion or severe evaporation of the tear film. Common causes of dry eye syndrome are dry room air, working at a monitor or certain diseases such as thyroid dysfunction.

Dry eyes can be quite troublesome for people afflicted and should be treated immediately. Alongside eye drops, eye ointments are an effective remedy against dry eyes. Here you can find an overview of their effect and administration.

Treatment with eye ointments

The symptoms of dry eyes can be relieved with eye lubricants, which help to stabilise the lacrimal fluid and support the lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva. Eye drops are often recommended which are mainly used during the day.

Eye ointments are an alternative to eye drops. These are remedies whose preparation is based on creams and which are suitable for localized use on the eye. Their use is recommended above all before going to bed, because the ointment remains in the eye longer and it can take full effect. The fact that your vision may become blurred after applying the ointment due to its viscous consistency is thus unproblematic.

Administration and use of eye ointment

Eye ointment is inserted directly into the conjunctival sac. This is positioned between the inside of the lower eyelid and the eyeball.

Follow these tips on how to facilitate the correct application of ointment:

  • Sit or lie down and slightly tilt your head backwards. If you have problems applying the ointment, let someone else help you.
  • Look upwards while you pull the lower eyelid down with a finger.
  • Squeeze a line of eye ointment in the conjunctival sac.
  • Leave the lower eyelid pulled down. Now close your eye as best you can. That way, the ointment is distributed better and not pressed out between the eyelids.

When administering the eye ointment, you should make sure that the bottle or tube does not come into contact with eyelashes, cornea or conjunctiva. Otherwise, there is not just the danger of damaging the sensitive conjunctiva, but bacteria or viruses could get into the ointment. These can then in turn cause an infection at the next administration.

Which ingredients to watch for when purchasing

Anyone suffering from dry eyes should make sure when purchasing lubricants that they do not contain harmful substances like preserving agents or phosphates. The risk of harmful influences on the cornea and conjunctiva is increased by the long dwell time of eye ointments.

The following active ingredients can have a positive effect on relieving dry eyes:

  • Heparin: the physiological substance has similar properties to the natural mucous layer of tears. PARIN POS® is a heparin-containing eye ointment. The heparin content can help to improve the tear film and also to lubricate and to protect the surface of the eye.
  • Vitamin A: if the afflicted person is suffering from dry eyes, a remedy containing vitamin A is usually called for. The vitamin is a natural component of the tear film and can have a positive effect on the conjunctiva and cornea. VitA POS® is an eye ointment containing vitamin A which can be used for improving the tear film and for protecting the surface of the eye.

You can get prescription-free eye ointments in every pharmacy. You can also get advice on how to administer them there. It is also recommended to visit the doctor first so that they can initiate an appropriate course of treatment based on your symptoms.

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