Ingredients in eye drops

Eye drops lubricate and refresh dry eyes. They are easy to apply and can be used when required. A selection of ingredients ensures that there is a suitable products available for the special symptoms of every user.

Eye drops help with all forms of dry eyes

Many people occasionally feel a sensation of dry eyes accompanied by itching, burning or a foreign body sensation. The symptoms appear above all after working for a long time at a monitor or in air-conditioned rooms.

Severe symptoms can appear in the eye following illnesses or from taking certain medication. Every blink feels like a grain of sand is in the eyes which also hurt and burn.

Dry eyes can develop quickly. Either because not enough lacrimal fluid is produced or because the tear film evaporates too quickly. Lubricating eye drops help in both cases: they replace the missing lacrimal fluid and stabilise the tear film.

Eye drops: which ingredients are there?

The following ingredients are used for treating dry and irritated eyes:

  • Hyaluronan: the endogenous molecule binds water and adheres wonderfully to the surface of the eye. It lubricates the eyes and forms a protective film on the eye. HYLOFRESH®   eye drops with their 0.03 per cent content of hyaluronan, or HYLOCOMOD® eye drops with 0.1 per cent hyaluronan, are ideal for mild forms of dry eyes. HYLO®GEL drops are ideal for severe forms of dry eyes: they contain 0.2 per cent hyaluronan, which is why the eye drops remain in the eye well and for a long time.
  • Euphrasia: for centuries, Euphrasia extract has been obtained from the meadow plant eyebright. It relieves mild irritation and refreshes the eyes in a totally natural way. HYLO FRESH® eye drops with Euphrasia are especially good for occasional symptoms.
  • Heparin: heparin also has lubricating properties and so alleviates irritation and supports the regeneration of the cornea and the conjunctiva. Mild to moderate forms of dry eyes with accompanying irritation of the surface of the eye can be treated with HYLO PARIN® eye drops. At night time, PARIN POS® ointment with heparin lubricates the cornea and conjunctiva as well as the eyelids.
  • Ectoine: ectoine relieves inflammatory reactions in the eye. Ectoine stabilises the tear film in the eye and relieves itching and burning. HYLO DUAL® eye drops with hyaluronan and ectoine are recommended for severe forms of dry eyes in conjunction with allergic inflammation and dysfunctions of the lipid layer (outer oily layer) of the tear film.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A, the eye vitamin, treats and relieves the symptoms of dry eyes. It therefore helps with the regeneration of damaged cornea and conjunctiva. Vitamin A is contained in the ointment VitAPOS®, which can be used at all stages of dry eyes. Because the ointment can blur vision after administration, it is particularly suited to use during the night.

Preserving agents and phosphate buffers

Preserving agents in eye drops are a problem as they can damage sensitive eyes. That is why all URSAPHARM eye care products are preservative-free. However, to ensure that the eye drops do not go off, they are securely protected from all types of germs in the unique COMOD® bottle. The shelf life of HYLO® EYECARE eye drops is six months after first use. In addition, URSAPHARM abstains from using phosphate buffers as these can form crystals in a damaged cornea. A tolerable citrate buffer is used instead.

Eye drops: use and application

All eye drops in the HYLO®EYECARE-range from URSAPHARM can be used in conjunction with contact lenses. All ingredients have excellent tolerability and therefore the eye drops can be used several times a day as required. Only rarely have mild side effects been observed, such as a short-term burning sensation after application.

The eye drops are easy to use thanks to the COMOD® system. There is no impairment of vision after administration. Only the ointments have been found to produce a temporary veil over the eyes.

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