Euphrasia eye drops

Eyebright, or Euphrasia, has been used for centuries for treating eyes. The ingredients of this widespread plant help with reddened and inflamed eyes and are also recommended as a component of eye drops for dry eyes.

Interesting facts about the plant Euphrasia

Euphrasia officinalis – that is the botanical name of eyebright. This meadow plant is widespread in central, western and southern Europe. It flowers during the summer months. The hemiparasite Euphrasia uses its sucking roots to draw minerals and nutrients from neighbouring grasses.

Euphrasia in popular medicine and homeopathy

Preparations are made from the above-ground parts of the plant which are harvested and dried during the flowering period. In popular medicine, Euphrasia tea is traditionally used for coughs, hay fever, digestive problems or sinusitis. But the main use of eyebright is, as the name suggests, in treating the eyes.

In homeopathy, Euphrasia is used as follows:

  • in eye baths and eye drops
  • for watery, reddened and irritated eyes
  • for swollen eyelids
  • for sticky eyes in the morning
  • against tired, overstrained eyes
  • for styes

Euphrasia in eye drops: help for irritated and dry eyes

More and more people are suffering from a mild to moderate form of dry eyes. This is probably caused in the main by increasing environmental impacts. On the one hand, we are spending more time in closed, air-conditioned rooms. The draught and the dry air in the room bother our eyes. On the other, working at a monitor places extreme demands on the eye. And this is getting more and more intensive: not only do a lot of people work all day at the computer, but in their free-time, they often also use a tablet, smartphone and watch television. Under these circumstances, the eyes can hardly regenerate. They react with irritation and become dry.

This is where eye drops with Euphrasia come into play: they have a refreshing effect and can alleviate irritation and inflammation in the eye. Euphrasia tincture is present in HYLO FRESH® eye drops in combination with hyaluronan. They provide optimal lubrication and treatment for irritated eyes. The lubricating eye drops can be used several times a day and also over an extended period of time.

Tip: never make preparations containing Euphrasia by yourself

Your eyes are extremely sensitive. Especially when they are dry, they are more prone to infection. That is why you should rather refrain from making Euphrasia tincture by yourself. The danger that eye-damaging germs can get into the home-made solution is too high. The eye drops from URSAPHARM are manufactured under standardized, sterile conditions and do not require preservatives thanks to the unique COMOD® dosage. In this way, your eyes are protected and at the same time, the danger of contamination is reduced. In addition, HYLO FRESH® contains no potentially harmful phosphates.

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