Heparin in eye ointments and eye drops

Heparin has been used in medicine for decades. On the one hand, heparin is used internally as an injection for preventing and treating thromboses, on the other, as an ointment for bruises and swellings. Eye drops or ointment containing heparin support long-lasting lubrication of the surface of the eye and help soothe irritation and damage to the eyes.

Heparin inhibits blood clotting

Heparin is produced in the body in so-called mast cells and released from these when inflammation occurs. The polysaccharide intervenes in the complex process of blood clotting and inhibits it. This effect is used in medicine to dissolve or to prevent life-threatening blood clots in the veins (thromboses). The coagulation inhibitor (anticoagulant) heparin is particularly administered after operations and in cases of restricted mobility. Because heparin is not absorbed by the body through the gastrointestinal tract, it has to be injected under the skin.

Heparin-containing ointments have proven their value with bruises: heparin encourages circulation and helps to dissolve blood clots under the skin. Swelling is also reduced in this way. Heparin ointments also help with vein inflammation.

These effects do not appear when heparin is used in eye drops and eye ointments. There are other effects utilized in eye care which are completely different from the application described.

Heparin eye drops and heparin eye ointment

Eye drops or eye ointment with heparin are simple and effective to use. Depending on the requirements, they can be used several times a day. In the treatment of dry eyes, heparin supplies additional lubrication as it binds a lot of water particularly well and adheres to the surface of the eye for a long time. In this way, heparin supports the healing of superficial wounds, alleviates irritation and supports the regeneration of irritated cornea and conjunctiva.

Dry eyes profit greatly from the combination of heparin and hyaluronan in HYLO PARIN® eye drops: a stable lubricating film protects the eye while at the same time, the healing of small wounds in the eye is supported. PARIN POS® eye ointment is ideal for night time as it adheres to the eye for a long time and affords the eye lasting lubrication.

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